Can a Receipt Actually Make You Money?

Need an injection into your sales at minimum to no expense? It’s easier than you think.  Here are just some of the benefits of advertising on your point of sale receipt.


Benefits of Receipt Advertising

·         Printed rolls offer a great vehicle for promotion to qualified customers

·         Assists in driving repeat traffic. Keep those customers who have already purchased coming back for more

·         Your receipt roll can actually turn into a valuable revenue stream  instead of adding to your consumables cost

·         Results of the campaign are easily measured allowing you to capture accurate return on investment

·         Entice customers back with redemption offers or rewards

·         Receipt advertising provides ad repetition leading to higher success rates of your campaigns

·         Capture the customer’s attention at the point of sale

·         Each roll has a potential of delivering over 1,200 offers on single roll making this medium one of the most cost effective promotional vehicles available

·         Messages can be delivered in full colour on the rear of the receipt

·         Increase your brand awareness with every offer ensuring you don’t get lost in the market place

From concept to design, manufacture to distribution, Alliance Paper can offer the solution to all of your printed roll requirements. We print in full colour, single or double sided, plain or thermal papers on any size roll you need.

Whether it’s a program to have your customers return to your store, or cross promoting other businesses, we can assist you in getting the best return from using your receipt docket as your information medium.