Alliance Paper announces Partnership with Planet Ark

June 12th 2019 is an important day for Alliance Paper as we formally announce the Partnership with Planet Ark and provide the Thermal Paper and Food Packaging markets with safer and more environmentally responsible products.

In response to global trends and the recent European adoption of significant changes in the acceptable standards for the supply and use of Thermal Receipt Paper, Alliance Paper has launched a range of BPA and Phenol-free papers aimed at addressing the risks of human health and environmental contamination from chemicals of concern.

BPA was recognised several years ago for its capacity to act as an Endocrine inhibitor, and whilst the risk of exposure in baby bottles and infant formula packaging was addressed by voluntary phasing out, it has been overlooked for years by the general public and users of thermal paper as a retail receipts.  

Alliance Paper is pushing forward to deliver a range of Thermal Papers free of BPA a move supported by Planet Ark.

BPA Free Receipt Rolls with Green recyclable Cores

Concurrent with the switch to BPA and Phenol-free Thermal Papers, Alliance Paper is launching a new range of Natural Food Wrapping papers.  The Rollo Wrap range includes both greaseproof and a wet strength paper that are made from entirely natural source materials. 

Unlike other products, the Rollo Wrap range provides real alternatives to single use plastic products and are Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable.   There are no commonly used chemicals of concern, such as PFAS (per and polyfluoroalkyl substances) that have been acknowledged for adverse health impacts.

Rollo Wrap

Sourced from FSC certified forests and coated with a special grease repellent layer of plant-based origin – the Rollo Wrap range is recognised in Europe by the Nordic Ecolabel – requiring high environmental standards of product and production.

“Alliance Paper believe the safety of staff should be of crucial concern to business,” said Jon Williams, Managing Director of Alliance Paper.  “We are excited to work with Planet Ark to not only encourage the adoption of safer and more environmentally responsible alternatives in the thermal paper and food packaging markets, but to reinforce practises and processes in local Australian manufacturing.”

For more information on the Alliance Paper and Planet Ark partnership and the range of products can offer, please feel free to contact the team at Alliance Paper.

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