Planet Ark and Rollo Wrap helping Schools rethink single-use plastics.

Nature greaseproof paper

It was great to see Planet Ark supporting local schools with 5 key ways to go Eco-friendly in their canteens.

Alliance Paper is wanting to support all schools in Australia ditch the single use plastic that is used in the canteen and start using a more environmentally responsible alternatives then plastic. Rollo Wrap products are Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable, which means that schools can start and manager their own compost on site with this product. This means less waste for local councils to manage.

For more details about how your school can get some free samples of Rollo Wrap to test, please contact Alliance Paper on 07 3118 4400 or email

Please read the full article written by Rachael Ridley from Planet Ark.

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