At Alliance Paper we value our partnership with Planet Ark and supports the valuable work they do with research and education for a Sustainable future. With chemicals of concern now so much a part of everyday life and as we continue to promote the safer choices in consumable products, starting 1st of August Alliance Paper is donating $4.00 from every carton of Phenol-free thermal paper sold to support Cancer Research through Cancer Council Qld.

Click on the link to Donate to Cancer Council Qld.


Alliance Paper and its partnership with Planet Ark Foundation is educating customers about the harmful effects of forever chemicals in everyday receipt paper used in Australia. Alliance Paper is providing a safer option for businesses to use for their customers and staff. Planet Ark research into these BPA and Phenol chemicals that are found in most thermal receipts have links to human health issues.

The European Commission published a regulation that severely restricts the use of BPA in the thermal paper after 2 January 2020 after the substance was found to potentially affect:

– Breast Cancer 

– Female reproductive systems

– Brain and behaviour

– Mammary glands

– Metabolism and obesity


If you want to help with phasing out harmful receipt papers, Contact Alliance Paper today and find out how your business could support local research and you will be using a safer receipt roll for your customers and staff.