Why not turn your register roll into a silent salesperson and use the power of print. When a customer gets handed a receipt, there is no better time to get their attention then when they’re right there in the store. They’re already a qualified customer! By using the “real estate” on the reverse side of the roll, we open up opportunities to influence the customer in so many ways. 

Making them aware of other brands, new goods and services, running competitions, reward programs, discount offers, gathering market feedback, stating terms and conditions of sale, store locations and opening times. When compared to other advertising mediums, printed rolls can offer over 880 messages on a single 80 x 80 mm roll!

Alliance Paper supporting local businesses with the use of the COVID19 Printed Roll

covid19 thermal receipt roll

Alliance Paper designed and made an COVID19 awareness printed receipt roll that retailers and cafes could use to provide more information about how to act and where to find the latest information about COVID19 from a QR Code that links to the Australian Government website. 

Alliance Paper is providing this service to help local businesses get through the hard time that they are facing at the moment. 

If you would like to order a box of the Planet Ark BPA Free COVID19 awareness roll, please go to our online shop now. 


Join the growing number of businesses now using colour printed register rolls as the preferred advising medium.

  • Did you know that a roll can provide over 1,300 offers to your customers. 
  • Direct advertising to keep your customers shopping from you.