Unlike other products, the Rollo Wrap range provides real alternatives to single use plastic products and are Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable. There are no commonly used chemicals of concern, such as PFAS (per and polyfluoroalkyl substances) that have been acknowledged for adverse health impacts.


Better for your health and the Environment


Did you know that food & packaging papers can contain chemicals that could be harmful to your health?

Alliance Paper’s Rollo Wrap has been developed to address the growing demand for a range of high quality, environmentally responsible food grade packaging products that are free from chemicals of concern.

As a global leader in barrier coated food packing, Rollo Wrap provides unique solutions for packaging applications. It is made from renewable materials and can be composted or even recycled (with minimal food contamination) at its end-of-life. This means from cradle-to-grave, Rollo Wrap’s impact is reduced and is a better option for the environment compared to other competing products.

Planet Ark proudly endorses Rollo Wrap as an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic-lined paper and single-use plastic.

All testing data for Rollo Wrap was presented to DIN CERTCO for certification of suitability as a compostable material for packaging purposes in Europe. Alliance Paper passed all required testing according to EN-13432 and received registration from DIN CERTCO.